mystical enchantment of music for every soul and space

“Life is an incredible, wonderful and unique experience.”



Life with Music becomes something magical, as music has the power to change the frequency and vibration of beings. It is much more than 7 notes, chords, beats, phrases and voices.

As a DJ, I raise the vibration and frequency of audiences, playing and navigating the nuances of the music through the speakers, which involves the environment and transforms people, with love and well-being.

My musical repertoire is meticulously planned before I perform it, to make sure the audience will feel the uplifting transformative magical vibe. The phrase “music is the art of manifesting our soul through sound” is purely my work, expressing energy elevation at an event for all guests to enjoy.

My songs and combinations are chosen with a positive and meticulous perception, taking into consideration: time, frequency, vibration, combinations, sung phrases, and beats, so that the listener's experience is unique and transformative.

Whether for dancing, ambience or inspiration, I prepare sensational playlists, with the intention of making your body vibrate at a highest frequency and thus raise your energy where you will feel an open heart and transformation.

nature makes me alive, connected and creative

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